Since I’m going to school in a matter of months, I’ll be able pretty soon to explain why Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway (and sometimes Natalie Portman) are symbols of evil to me and why Penelope Cruz is a symbol of goodness.   Somehow I’ve associated really strong emotions of, like, hate and vindictiveness with the first three’s faces & rest of thems, but Penelope Cruz (even though she’s more beautiful than any of them) is so different.  There’s a lot going on, here, and I have a feeling it’s SO interesting.  So, I’ll fill you in when I get a chance to think about it.  I’m just googling “wedding hairstyles messy low bun” and photos of Penelope Cruz are popping up.  It’s just a honor from God to look at her.  I don’t know.  Really distracting, and should be evoking other emotions, really, like insecurity and jealousy, but no—just awe.  So, anyways.