It’s Saturday, we’re waiting for Marshall’s stomach issues to resolve themselves so we can go to Barley’s for pizza, after which we will go to Evan & Casey’s to babysit.  A full week, and a full weekend so far.  Last night Marshall finished the website and put it online, and the Paypal button and the registries at Williams-Sonoma and BB&B are up.  We’re working on the invitations and the potluck info card, and then the next things on the list …

I can hear Josh playing the piano through the firewall.  I like living in a duplex.  Especially with people who grow gardens, build treehouses, play the piano.

We also (v. rash perhaps) booked three nights in a bed & breakfast in Maine, and will have to get there by highway or flyway by June 29th … we’d talked briefly (…dreamily…) about taking a roadtrip up the east coast for our honeymoon and ending up in Maine, and the next day I found this one in Bar Harbor that has lemon souffle pancakes and crepes aux pommes for breakfast and the most beautiful room (Room 4, it’s called) I’ve ever seen for $195 a night.  We booked it probably ten minutes after I showed it to Marshall.  Now, to get there!

Didn’t even imagine that the wedding plans would start stressful and then get fun.  I mean, oh, whatever.  You know.  Probably we’ll have a car crash and die in Pennsylvania.  But if we don’t — !  Then, fun times!  A vacation we have wanted / needed for a long time!  Time for celebration!