1.  Since I’m getting my inner self prepared to move out of my house, it’s becoming more and more beautiful to me.
2.  A wrecked friendship recently has some closure.
3.  Some old phantoms blew in last night, and are blowing away, tonight.
4.  The Super Wash House on Central Avenue is more expensive than the Family Bubble on Sutherland, and (seems to be) several centuries older.  Also it does not have free WiFi, like Family Bubble does.
5.  Divorce Court was on at the Super Wash House, and The Brothers Karamazov, despite similarity to reality tv, held no candle.  I kept looking over at the tv to see what the guy looked like who thought the business loan was “a gift,” and the husband who wouldn’t get a job because he was “like a stay-at-home-dad,” minus being a dad.
6.  But the hum of the washers and dryers.
7.  I stared at the tossing suds for a long time, and wrote a poem, which felt kind of like folding socks with my elbows.  It’s been a long time.
8.  But I’m praying.  Old phantoms are not wrecking me while do these bold things: starting school, getting married, finding closure, finding openings.