I just realized this has turned into a wedding blog, so I’m writing to assuage (my own) fears that this marriage stuff has taken over my consciousness.  List following:

1.  So I found this dress I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.  Ok guys.  Sit back and get ready to be amazed: I got accepted into UTK’s MA program.  After a full round of waiting lists, rejections, and no-responses, last year, I got into the only program I applied to this year.  UT also gave me an assistantship, which means my tuition is waived and I get a stipend of $7200 my first year, and a $500 fellowship.  This is what patience brings, I guess.  Or, I don’t know what brought this.  Persistence?  Divine intervention?  Clerical error?  Bit of underdone potato?

2.  For the first time in my life, I am listening to Radiohead.  I decided to give In Rainbows a go yesterday afternoon, while I was working in my room all day on journals, and I haven’t stopped listening to it.  I thought I was too old to get this excited about an album.  Really am not sure I’ve felt like this … since I discovered … all those other incredible albums I’m not going to list here.  Anyway, oh, my, god.

3.  Don’t start your sunflowers indoors a month and a half early, children.  There is no sense in doing this.  If you do this, you are senseless, and will only end aggrieved.

4.  I’ve had three ultrasounds and three CA-125’s in the past two months, and am feeling alternately relieved and nervous.  Even with discounts, these are expensive.  How to pay.

5.  One way to pay: sell more journals, etc., online.  I’ve been working on commissions, lately, one for each round of medical bills.  I’m covering Aaron’s new Book of Common Prayer, making a Picasso Peace Dove journal for Cameron, and just mailed a notebook cover for a guy who lives on Internet Blvd in Frisco, Texas.  If anyone who reads this blog knows someone looking for a journal, cover, baby book or other miscellaneous piece of work, have them check out my Etsy site.  After writing three different apologies for soliciting business on my blog, I erased them, and am not now going to apologize at all.

6.  My sister Carla is off Facebook for Lent.  I’m really impressed.  She’s on there all the time.  I’m searching for something similarly arresting to do during Lent.  Are any of you traveling through Lent?  Are you fasting/otherwise giving up anything?  I’d love to hear.