I have lots of things I feel I want to say.

1.  The first is, I am officially a published poet.  The Sakura Review printed my “A Poem for Seamus Heaney” in its Spring 2011 issue, and I just got my two free copies in the mail.  This is a big deal, and I’m inspired to write something … start thinking of myself as a writer, again.  Last night at the Alpha Course mtg, I told this guy who asked me “what I did” that I was a writer, and felt like a non-fraud.  Yes!

2.  Last Sunday, Old North Abbey (specifically, Mary and Elizabeth) threw Marshall and me a surprise engagement party.  Elizabeth made a beautiful carrot cake, they bought small pink and orange roses (& some other small flower),  brought in some big budding tree branches and made the prettiest vases, and everyone toasted us & our upcoming marriage with mimosas.

3.  I have started flowers and herbs in plastic trays in my windows … the deep red sunflowers shot up like rockets and are now between 2″ and 4″ tall, and the tiny basil shoots are huddling and lifting their green heads.  Sage is beginning to come up, as are the Canterbury Bells, but the clematis, morning glories, Kansas sunflowers, and coneflowers are still sleeping.  Good heavens — I just noticed that the cornflowers I planted only two days ago are coming up!  That’s odd.  But … awesome!!

4.  I turned over & fertilized about 50 square feet of garden soil yesterday, and am so excited I can’t even say.  If you haven’t picked up on the signs, I’m pretty much only growing a flower and herb garden, this year, and hope to have flowers to cut all through May and June, and then some more to cut for the wedding on the 24th/25th.  Again, high hopes.  But regardless of a wedding, I have always wanted a flower garden.  Always, always.

5.  I got a letter from Rosa in the mail yesterday, and this was written on the back of the envelope:  “Apologies for anything stupid enclosed.  I get reckless when I write letters, and stick owt within reach into the envelope.  I do this to make up for bad writing, somehow thinking that many bores are better than one.  No drawings — that should please you.  Ha! Ha!  I suppose I’m one of those persons who degrade themselves only to be contradicted.  I’m afraid flattery cheers me up a good deal; if I didn’t flatter myself constantly, I should be constantly in the dumps!”  Kindred spirits, we are.

6.  I’m buying two prints from my friend Samantha.  I think about this at least once every hour since it was decided upon, and I can’t really believe my luck, having a great artist as a friend.  Even though we hadn’t hung out (just the two of us) in over a year, when I went over to her house and had tea with her yesterday, our rapport stood.  We used to be close, and that closeness had left its fragrances, still.  I’m amazed by these kinds of relational discoveries, and they give me hope that even very damaged relationships can be healed.

7.  As does the work of God.  Rather, these relational discoveries are the work of God.  After a few bad days, I have come back to ground level & have been desperate for the signs of eternity, for the movement of God, for a justified hope.  I’ve gotten these, and it’s odd to say how much it depended on my ability to still myself, speak only a few words, and then no words.  God is in my midst, and I’m leaving my doors open, today.