It’s bitterly cold in New York, which is great, except that I thought it was going to be cool, so I didn’t bring sweaters.  So, instead of walking in the park, yesterday afternoon, we walked to the Food Emporium and then made a chess pie and a pecan pie.  Which last was made sans corn syrup, and was incredible.  And I guess we got cheeses and crackers, too, and mostly had Edam, herbed Brie, Jarlsburg, wine, and pie.  And then we went to see Conviction.  It was alright.

Today it’s gray and bitterly cold, like I say, and I guess we’re at the library right now, getting ready to go to the restaurant that makes only macaroni and cheese, called S’Mac.  So far this trip has been so different from last — no sight-seeing, no subway so far, but lots of talking.  In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in bed, on the fire escape, on the sidewalks.  And of course, this is perfect.  It’s good to find a friend, and to be found by a friend.  God is so, so kind.