“In eternity it will not be asked whether your wife seduced you (eternity will talk with her about that), but simply as an individual you will be asked whether you allowed yourself to be seduced” (188).

“And in eternity, you will not be asked inquisitively and professionally, as though by a newspaper reporter, whether there were many that had the same — wrong — opinion.  You will be asked only whether you have held it, whether you have spoiled your soul by joining in this frivolous and thoughtless judging, because the others, because the many judged thoughtlessly.  You will be asked only whether you may not have ruined the best within you by joining the crowd in its defiance, thinking that you were many and therefore you had the prerogative, because you were many who were wrong.  In eternity it will be asked whether you may not have damaged a good thing, in order that you also might judge with them that did not know how to judge…” (190).

Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing, Kierkegaard