Who happens to be my sister!  Rosa’s finally gotten (after some poking and prodding) an Etsy site set up for some of her work.  She’s been crocheting and knitting for ages, and has recently been dabbling in book safes (these are done by hand, taking hours), dressmaking (of her own designs), and experimenting with lace-making and netted beret designs.

And I feel so certain that if she wanted to frame these illuminated manuscripts she’s been making, she could go so far with those.  Honestly, of all her artwork that I’ve seen (and I could go on and on — and I will — she’s made intricate portrait stencils, fascinating and complex ink drawings, dozens of unique & ambitious food recipes including candies and eighteenth-century English entrees and desserts, crocheted a pair of ladies’ net gloves, and just recently got an actual tatting hook…), these manuscripts are some of my absolute favorites.  Wow, I’d love to see those things framed, even if they aren’t for sale.

And she’s a writer, too.  This post is being published without her knowledge, because she would demur, but man.  The flowers and whorls of her artistry are coded in her DNA.  Something about this Etsy shop is so exciting to me, and it’s probably the certainty that it’s only the beginning of the power of her work, since her creativity is so inner-born and without much reference to anything other than her own soul.  Some of this I’ve been able to see as I’ve taught English and World Lit to her and Liesl, in her reading journals and written essays, how she grapples so thoughtfully with great pieces of literature, but I know I haven’t seen anything yet.