A Few Short-Term Goals.

One month:

  • Tom Jones and Spirit of the Disciplines done.
  • Finish or hand off grant application.
  • Bike Cades Cove loop.
  • Paint and install rain barrel.
  • Can marmalade.
  • Get tennis racket.
  • Take Rosa and Havah to the farmer’s market.

Two months:

  • Mop front porch.
  • What the Living Do and No Man is an Island done.
  • Quilt completely pieced.
  • McAfee’s Knob hike.
  • New muffler.
  • Renew tags.
  • Hit tennis balls around with tennis racket.
  • Mail box to Liesl.

Three months:

  • Begin reworking portfolio.
  • Quilt totally done.
  • A Room Called Remember and Sylvie and Bruno done.
  • Visit Liesl in Cleveland.
  • Weekend at Max Patch.
  • Mt. Sterling backpacking.
  • Play some tennis.