“The steel picnic knives, the only articles which might attract the current, are in the other carriage!”  (ARWAV)

Because my street, my yard, my porch is being washed away as we speak.  After a long dry spell, we are up to our armpits in rain, washing out gullies and piling up mud at the ends of driveways.  If I were to go down to the greenway/creek, I know I’d see tires and plastic bottles being hurried downstream faster than I can walk.  Also, I might get struck by lightning.  By which I mean to say, I might attract the current.

I drove out to a hobby store to get something to finish making Marshall’s birthday present, and when I came out of the store the wind was picking up and people were walking really fast and looking out of windows with that excited glint in their eyes that says, “here we go, here we go!”  The storm front was crowding up against us and I sped out of there without actually breaking the speed limit but I kind of leaned forward as I drove, checking to see if the front was going to catch me or not.  Once or twice I got a spattering of rain, and when I pulled onto Grainger I had to run for it, but I mostly got inside with my goods undamaged.

Now, I am experiencing the perfect hour: low cracks of thunder and the heavy splash of rain while I am inside with my fairy lights and map lampshades.  With leftover potato soup (that Marshall made for me last night) and banana bread (I cannot stop eating it, it seems) and the prospect of returning Katie Gray’s phone call.  And the prospect of finishing Marshall’s present, which is meant to express, in so many words, that we have something grand going on, here.  We have been learning each other for one and a quarter years, now, and I am so soberly in love, still.

Is it too much, to get a website up AND start writing again?   I really appreciate everyone’s feedback on the website — totally inspires me.  Here’s to it.