Orbitz sent me a $25 travel voucher today (because I sent them a two page letter about the Whole Horrible Experience).  If I use it, will that mean letting them have the last word?

—  several days later

Guys, all things considered, I’m thinking that I feel better about Orbitz.  It was an unintentional mistake, and they’ve really rather hounded me with apologies.  Despite the flawed system & rather pitiful voucher amount, I can appreciate the fact that (though they are a huge corp and I’m a small individual) I’ve been paid attention to.  As I made sure to acknowledge in my letter/emails to them, I realize I’ve only been inconvenienced, and am not sustaining any lasting damage.  I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t had a Regions rep to be my advocate, but I did, and everything’s turned out alright.  BUT … if anything happens when / if I book with Orbitz again, IT’S OVER.

In conclusion: when two people / entities make up, both of them have the last word?