I was reading this morning, bird-sounds and movements falling against my windows, that David found himself in the valley of the shadow of death…while walking in a path of righteousness.  This means a lot, to me, especially today, which has been fraught with failures.  At the end of this day, thirty minutes before I go to sleep, I get online to document in so many words that it is ok to be immature, and it’s also ok to be in the valley of the shadow of death (although I have no idea how to not fear any evil).

Calumet Photography, guys, is ok!  They shipped that b&w pack-film so fast the box came singed w/friction.  And they sent a coupon with it.   Maybe I’m going on a trip after all.   And working crosswords on the plane.  Not cross words, just crosswords.  I wonder whether Marshall and I will have cross words on the plane.  I don’t think so.  I think it must be hard to have cross words while flying.  Plus, it’s hard to have cross words with Marshall.

I need to stop editing this post and just go to bed.  Thank God I have peace, tonight.  It sucks to keep having sleepless nights.  Tonight will not be one of them.