On Saturday, I went to my first yoga class ever.  I’m not comparing myself to the other people in the class, of course.  But I was brilliant.  Considering.  I don’t mind letting myself feel pretty good about it.  I’m super weak, so I sweated and shook and (because I never had physical therapy after my abdominal surgery last year) WHOMPED down on my mat during several stomach-intensive poses, but I held my own and felt like a deer or gazelle, or a blue-tick hound, light and tense and lovely.  Yoga seems to honor the body so much, flexing and straightening the joints and muscles with respect, dignity.

This instructor did the cooling off / calming down thing at the end, saying that gravity pulls us to the earth, and that God pulls us to Himself.  That we should let ourselves be pulled toward God.  I laid on my back and watched the clouds culling by through the skylights, the occasional bird chasing past.  This bodes well.  This entire weekend, indeed, has boded well.

I went with Marshall, Carla, and Josh to Big Ed’s on Friday night, for Courtney’s birthday.  The four of us ate two large pizzas and drank two pitchers of beer.  Drove away singing and v. jolly.  Carla came over and helped me and Amanda do a dinner party on Saturday night — had the neighbors over, Luke and Jordan and Lincoln,  several others from several places — and it was a revelation to cook for people, to entertain.  Amanda, I’ve discovered, is a natural-born hostess, bringing different kinds of people together and making them talk to each other, making them feel Invited and Welcome.  I loved that our porch is becoming a living-space again, holding furniture and shoes and plants and people.  I love our new neighbors, and I love Carla, and I love Amanda, and I pondered these things while I escaped for a while into the kitchen to do dishes.  Washing wine glasses, stacks of plates, wondering whether the tides are turning in my life.

After everybody left, we stayed up SO LATE talking.  About marriage, sex, community, friendship, and so many things, all gravitating in a strong centered pull toward God, what He is doing in our v. v. current lives.  I said (lots of things, but particularly) that yes, I DO believe, now, what I’ve been telling God I believe, about my future not being shit.  We talked about faith, about the power of prayer, and I’m reminded (again again again) that prayer is one of my hugest responsibilities, and one of my most significant callings.  Talked about new friends, new ideas on “community,” things God is obviously orchestrating, and how it feels to have the Next Thing promised, and hear it coming.

I’m working about 60 hours this week, but I’m in the air over the East Coast and next to my honey on Saturday at 7:30am.

I just bough $42’s worth of pack film that may not make it to me before we leave.  What then???? 35mm, then.  And EE100 Special’s of Knoxville life.  It’s about time that happened, anyway.  The last photos I took on that camera were from college days, in Nashville and Cullman and New Orleans.  It’s a new chapter of life.  I must document it, in 3.25 x 4.25 instant photos w/white borders.

God is pulling me toward Himself; Marshall, too.  We will think about this, walking around on tiled floors, this week, on asphalt and hardwood and grass, and will think about it while we’re in a long aluminum tube soaring thousands of feet in the air, escaping gravity with an equal and opposite force, chasing something past the clouds.  I expect to be surprised with what’s coming next, and I’m expecting to be changed.  So.  There you have it.