‘”We don’t have centuries of educated, autonomous female role models to imitate (there were no women quite like us until very recently), so nobody has given us a map. So let’s just anticipate that we (all of us) will disappoint ourselves somehow in the decade to come. Go ahead and let it happen. Let somebody else be a better mother than you for one afternoon. Let somebody else go to art school. Let somebody else have a happy marriage, while you foolishly pick the wrong guy. (Hell, I’ve done it; it’s survivable.) While you’re at it, take the wrong job. Move to the wrong city.

‘”This is what we all must learn to do, for this is how maps get charted – by taking wrong turns that lead to surprising passageways that open into spectacularly unexpected new worlds. Fall flat on your face if you must, but please, for the sake of us all, do not stop. Map your own life.”‘

“—This was on the blog of a friend of an acquaintance. Somebody I do not know, but whose writing I like. The quote, though, is something she read in a magazine. Sometimes I waste time reading blogs, but oh MAN do I read some good, helpful, life-saving, encouraging stuff sometimes.  […]

“Anyway, this is so much in the same spirit and vein of separate conversations I´ve been having with all of you that I thought I´d share it–something I think we all need, in this difficult time of life, hard days, long nights, and for ever. I love it! Make mistakes! Fall down! Do something stupid and regrettable! Make the blind choice! But KEEP MOVING…don´t stay still. Don´t become paralyzed by cowardice and fear, afraid of being judged, afraid of failure, afraid of being yourself and letting others know you, afraid of becoming attached and letting others attach themselves to you. Don´t let timidity and insecurities and doubt corrode your soul and keep you living smallishly.

“All of you, every single one of you, is fabulous and a sparkling gem and wicked smart and beautiful and powerful. All of us are admired, respected, and deeply loved. Also sometimes profoundly lonely. I think there´s a fear at the realization of our strength and potential…of wasting it, letting others down, maybe overcome by all the possibilities and directions, or the confession of desiring to seek greatness in small, invisible, private ways that the world doesn´t readily appreciate/ understand.

“…do what you want to do, and do what you are. Express (on paper, via teaching, in love, in excellence, with things you grow and make) the cries and delights of your soul…and you will be doing good work, and this will be a good thing for the world.”

This in an email from a dear friend … it was so great I had to share.