I’ve been listening to this Pete Droge song, so loud, all the way from dropping EG off at his practice.  The sun was coming out after all the thunderstorms, the end of the week is coming, and I’m giving myself a break.  Cutting myself some slack, letting myself enjoy things & letting other people worry about the worrisome things of the universe.  Just for a few hours.  Today I feel like it might save my life.

And I’m feeling SO good about this song, for a reason I could figure out if I wanted, but I don’t want.  I mostly just want to love it, and I do.  Something about the cowbell makes me have to hit the steering wheel in time to it while I’m listening.  I think this might be my favorite line:

“…I need your loving more than money or air,
and if you don’t love me, baby, that’s not fair–”