It’s pretty strange to be working from 7:30pm overnight till 8:30 in the morning four days this week, and then doing other work all day, too.  If you could squeeze out a tear for me, I’d feel sympathized.  The news that I’m losing one of my jobs isn’t exactly depressing, because it means a little more breathing room, but it’s still sobering not to have that income anymore.  If you could find another tear in your eye. 

I had lunch with N today, and it was so lovely.  It’s sobering, too, to see how a friendship can change as we change inside it.  Or, outside of it, and then come together again.  Or something.  This is something Dana was talking about in her letter, saying that “sometimes these evolutions cause bumps in the road, times of adjustment and even resentment or fear as we have to stop and learn each other again.”  Learning a friend again.  Something there is richly profound.