I’ve just emailed myself two recipes, chewy granola bars and a cauliflower and caramelized onion tart.  The problem of breakfast and the photo of roasted cauliflower clinched it all. 

At church today we saw Rex & Shaina’s baby, their new one, the one with eyelashes of spun gold.  In Market Square today we saw Duke & Carry’s baby, who was grumbling at no-one in particular and then suddenly was smiling hugely at me.  Babies, huh?  And we talked about vasectomies a little, the impact of them.  We talked about all kinds of things today, because today was the day we were going to have fun, do something adventurous.  This adventure turned out to be small things, like church, mimosas downtown, walking and coffee, walking and sunlight, walking and shadow, sushi at Tomo.  Talking while everything.  I miss M when I don’t have quality time w/him for a while.  Working so much is kind of lame, but if it necessarily creates sweet and mellow days like this, then so be it.

We’ll have to work like mules this week, so the weekend will be blessed, we hope.  I hope, so so so much.  I hope I can get my car fixed, pay taxes & bills, get a grant meeting scheduled, teach Goethe,  clean houses and nanny and caretake (?), and … so on.  Maybe that was all.  But I hope the week is full of activity and purpose, that I hear from another school (but not another waiting list, geez, so far I’ve not been rejected outright but am on two waiting lists), that I see the sun, and can find a corner of a day to write a little.  And then the weekend is here and we’re going to see a movie (Alice in Wonderland) and have brunch.  I just made that up about brunch, but that would be so awesome.  We could have that cauliflower tart.

Even if I have a breakdown tomorrow, today will still have existed.