1)  With checks deposited in bank, I will be able to pay all large bills and transfer some into savings which is saving for the NYC trip.

2) Must schedule NYC trip, and Chicago trip, and Nashville trip for NEME concert, and for Jennifer’s lingerie party.  First of all, is all this really happening?

3) Must schedule nap for this evening, after four hours of cleaning and before the movie, which is before another long night’s work.

4) I did file my taxes today, though, which feels incredible, even though I have to pay $105 in income taxes on my “independent contractor” jobs.  Not complaining, no, not at all.  Who would’ve thought I’d be in a place where I could say, “Pay the IRS $105?  Ok.”  Now for the FAFSA.  Which will not get me any money, because it’s all given away by now.

5) Syracuse says I’m on their ten-slot waiting list.  If any of the six people they’ve accepted bow out, I may have a chance.  But yeah, right.  I guess I didn’t really want to go to Syracuse anyway.

6) New housemate is a girl I like very much already.  I haven’t met her English bulldog yet, whose name is Sam.  She has nice stuff, so I get to take a shipload of things like dented lids, cracked bowls, ugly mugs, and inconvenient furniture to KARM.

7) OB tampons on sale today at the Creepy Krog for $2.27!!!  I stock up in situations like this.  Wow, what a deal.  Sorry if that’s inappropriate for mixed company, but it feels like a big deal.  A great, big deal.

8 ) Mailed an order form from the Seed Savers Exchange catalog today, getting Charantais melons, Golden Sunray tomatoes, and a mix of yarrow.  I don’t think I mentioned what I already have: Brandywines, hot peppers, cucumber, basil, and cilantro are starting already in my sunny back window.  I have never been readier for the winter to end.

9) There’s really no need for Marshall to ever cut his hair short again.