I just wanted to post a blog saying that I have A) made the most money in the past two weeks than I’ve made in any other two-week period in the past year, which is exciting, unless I have to pay all of it in taxes, and B) I unclogged the bathtub drain this morning, and I can’t wait to get done cleaning at Katie G’s because I will come straight home, clean my own bathtub, and take a shower, which will be the first shower I’ve taken in a couple of months during which the tub will not begin to fill up with soapy water in the first thirty seconds.  After this, I’m getting Natalie’s birthday present done and maybe some birthday scones, and will go to her house, where we will get snowed-in.  Furthermore, I had the idea to make a quilt, this morning, and that’s also a good thing.  & last night was wonderful.  There’s a lot of hope for me, today.  Yes there is.