This morning, despite Casey’s The New Astrology prediction for “Sagittarius – Ox” combinations, has been full of small failures.  After waking-up-stress-free failed, coffee failed; after coffee failed, a walk failed; after a walk failed, the Band of Horses mix failed; and after the Band of Horses mix failed, Christmas presents failed (for today).  So, I forgot a discouraging email I received this morning, took off dowdy gray pants, put on black leggings, laid on my bed under a blanket, and read Harry Potter while eating dark chocolate.  Things went up dramatically from there.  Then I realized I have money to buy more coffee, and even some half-and-half.  I’ve been using milk, but no more.  Not today.  Things are being rescued, hurrah, and I am a writer after all, and it’s ok, I’m ok, things are ok.  Thank You, Lord.