1.  I wish it would snow.

2.  It took forever for the Garrett to heat up this afternoon, and I laid shivering underneath two blankets for what felt like hours.  Then I got up and did stuff, like reading Harry Potter, going through and recycling some notes/letters/photos from old days, putting a few things up on the walls, and stringing up a strand of fairy lights, oh man!  Lovely!  And I got so hot and had to open the door AND turn the radiator off.

3.  I applied to UVA Charlottesville and UNC Greensboro today, $115, and I am so happy to say that Megan made this possible.  Every good and perfect gift.

4.  Another Mystery Box…this time from a different person??  It shocks me.

5.  Marshall is sick and his parents are taking care of him, today.  If he was here right now, I would make him soup and cornbread and watch a movie with him.

6.  I tried to make egg nog for the Christmas party last night, but it was such a miserable failure.  After I broke my needle and stabbed my finger, I had to just go into my room and cry.  Sometime after this I just drank the rest of the Bulleit because HELL.

7.  My Christmas presents this year are also miserable failures.

8.  If I could just make soup, just be really really good at that, something would be different.  I have a tureen after all.

9.  I don’t write, anymore.  Why, you ask, am I applying for an MFA in writing?  I don’t know and I’m stressed out about it.

10.  Dinner parties tomorrow night and the night after, Mom & Dad’s and Aunt Betty’s, respectively.  These are semi-fancy affairs.  China, napkins, candles, “guests.”

11.  More toast.