The Brucknerchor is coming to the Bijou this month and I am going.  I’m sitting outside the Starbucks downtown reading the choir’s tour blog from last year, Oregon and California, and finding them MOST INCREDIBLY CUTE.  The average age in this choir is 11, according to the website, but surely a 15-year-old is writing these delightful and unbelievable blogs?  Here are a few excerpts.   We hope to hang around the Hilton the afternoon of the concert in hopes of seeing them bumming around town in their little caps.

At the zoo in Roseburg: “There is an elegant elephant cow who performs just for us; she kneels, wriggles her ears (which most of us cannot do, and anyway, it wouldn’t look nearly as impressive) and elegantly moves her trunk about. We are allowed to feed her carrots (carrots! who would’ve thought that elephants are partial to carrots?) and to pet her as well. Our cameras get a real workout. We need to document this thoroughly, otherwise sceptic fellow choristers might not believe us.”

At the hotel in Modesto: “We are on our way to Californy!” [sic] … “We stop at an outlet centre ( wonder whose idea that was?) and acquire some fashionable items, shoes, shirts, hats. Feeling quite stylish, we continue to our next hotel and make it in time for a dip in the pool. It is, by clever design, surrounded by our rooms. You could dive in straight from bed.  …  Pizza is delivered, and we eat near the pool. We are not the only young people here, there are boys and girls about who would appear to be members of a sports team. They are (unheard of!) noisier than we are. Sadly, there is no time for extended contact today, but we live in hope. Perhaps tomorrow?”

Tomorrow: “(We) return to the hotel quite cheerful.  The young ladies are still around and about, and we find a million things to do, a million excellent reasons why we need to circulate the hallways. This is obviously a matter of some importance, culturally and politically. Unfortunately our adults keep sending us back to our rooms. They have no understanding of international relations. Clearly.”