Today’s research begins with the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, there at the Blue Ridge Mountains (mountains: check).  Dana and Matt say to go somewhere that matches my inner landscape, which is rolling hills and in the background, mountains.  (Sometimes in the foreground; and in the background, rolling hills.)  I’ve loved Virginia, and who can help loving Virginia?  Small cities that are not northern but not southern proper, a space to breathe, if you needed one.  Of course we start imagining trips to New York City to visit KG and trips to Boston to visit Boston.

But back on the ground, I’m looking at the list of faculty and am impressed by these people: Rita Dove, Charles Wright, and Gregory Orr.  I’m putting up a photo of Charles Wright because of how awesome it is:c.wright.135 you see.  He loves GM Hopkins — side note.  Rita Dove, of course, Poet Laureate.  I like most of these people’s poetry.  Pedagogy remains to be seen.  According to the UV website, Galway Kinnell, Seamus Heaney, Mary Oliver, Stanley Kunitz, Sharon Olds, Louise Gluck and WS Merwin have all visited.  You can see why “of the 630-some applications we received last year, we admitted 5 poets and 7 fiction writers.”

The University of Missouri at Columbia has Scott Cairns on staff, and an MA w/emphasis in creative writing.  This is 12 hours of writing workshops and 12 hours of literature classes.  It’s a pretty big school, so I’d have a better chance of getting in, here.

Sarah Lawrence = yeah right, but still.  Thomas Lux on staff, and they respect them some creative nonfiction.  $60 application fee but no GRE scores required.  Hoity-toitiness required.  But still.

Well, all this is a bit exhausting when done for hours.  More later, then.