I’m getting stuff together to go out of town tonight, to go in-town, to my old town, Nashville, city I have loved.  Lauren and Katie Bo-Peep are leaving, one on a Fulbright to Colombia in case there’s ANYONE I haven’t told yet, and one to Teach for America in the Mississippi delta, I’m pretty sure, and Marshall and I are heading to Nashville for their going-away party.  I’ve made some small presents for them (have been frantically sewing and gluing last night and this morning), and now all I have to get together is a couple of mixes for them.  Lauren: more Innocence Mission.  Katie: more Innocence Mission.  everyone: more Innocence Mission.

I’m going to make aNOTHER lemon icebox pie for the camping trip in the South Cumberland State Park tomorrow night.  Katie wanted to camp before she left for Sudamerica, so she and Kayla, me and Marshall, Lindsey and Andrew (dearest of dear, all of them, life is so merciful and inexorable at the same time, how I live far away from them now, but am camping with them tomorrow) are going to.  Andrew and Marshall, lovers of Good Music, are bringing guitars and Katie and Kayla are bringing their badminton set.  I think we’ll see some waterfalls, and I’ll feel bittersweet the whole time, surely.  people leaving, people coming together.  I’m actually praying about this trip, that God will be very much with us.  at dinner with turkey dogs, grilled vegetables, pie, and at breakfast with eggs, bacon, coffee.  in the evening with everyone winding down and sitting at the fire, thinking of the deeper things, in the morning with yawning and stretching and jokes.

so, I knew I was going to make this pie, but I was thinking about how poor I am and how overdue I am for some bread, so I’m also making Genovese Basil bread, which is on its second rise and almost ready to go in the oven.  I sauteed two (2) cups of chopped fresh basil and a clove of garlic and shaped the loaves long and narrow, baguette-like, and am hoping I can find a razorblade to slash them down the middle… they’re beautiful, and smell beautiful.  I am proud.  why do I need a job when I can do incredible things like this?  make two cloth-covered journals, a pie and baguettes all in the same day and a half?  but I need a job.  it’s looking grim again: the only way I can cover August rent is if the LORD intervenes.

after all this, I still have some restlessness in my soul that I wonder what is…?  Wed. night at “small group” we prayed for Crystal’s hip and it was apparently time for it to be healed.  I’m ready for something like this, in myself, and for the first time it seems possible, like something God wants to do.  I feel like I’m walking toward something, something good.  I have patience for it.  because apparently I am searched and known, my thoughts are seen afar off, my ways are winnowed.  I can’t get enough of this thought, that my ways are winnowed.  I need the proximity of the LORD like nothing I’ve ever needed before.  I say this every three months, mean it in new ways and for new reasons every time.

last of all, Hannah Lee is having surgery on her spine today.  it’s going on right now, and here’s a link to the blog if you want it.  they’re updating people on Facebook currently, too, via Twitter.