I’ve started to daydream again about journals, after a long drought, and you’ll never guess what.  Yes, I am indeed resurrecting the Grey Goose … partly because Marshall just read A Severe Mercy for the first time and we visited the Vanauken’s church in Virginia a couple of weekends ago, and partly because I saw the category “Grey Goose Journals” in my Etsy shop so sadly empty and I realized it did not have to be sadly empty.  I’ve been inspired by Chloe’s sister’s fabric pieced birds … and think I’m going to try and piece these birds, which I found on the very first page of Google images: “grey goose bird.”  This will the be the first book I’ve done as art in a while … I’m so, so excited.  It will have to be expensive because I’m not sure I’ll want to sell it.


The problem here is durability.   If I were gluing these pieces to a canvas board, all’s well; since I have to sew them to a book, which is at least meant to be opened, closed, crammed, thrown, hit, kissed & caressed, I have to come up with some fairly practical methods which will more than likely cramp my style.  You can lift your glass and toast me, here.  It will be an endeavour.  In fact, please lift your glasses, please call me and take me out for a glass, let’s all have a glass.