What do I have to say, to anyone, is this huge question that follows me, and following me also are answers like yours, Franz, and yours, Natalie and Chloe and Katie.  I feel like I’ve been thinking about the work of suffering, the fine, FINE work of suffering, all my life.  And I’ve always thought what I think now (with a few exceptions that didn’t last long): it’s worth it.  today I wrote this,

what is my life coming to?
another fruitless season,
another season of the invisibles, the
toughening and stretching of roots,
sending of envoys and scouts
forward along the surface and down
down to the tabletop of the water
table, seeking the scent
of water.

oh how annoying!!  I’ve been offline for a week because my cat chewed a hole in Emily’s laptop’s power cord (which computer I have been borrowing off & on for a month) and now I finally get to the library they’re closing in 20 minutes!  when I have so much to say!  about life, the universe and everything!  poetry!  how much hope I have as a result of having a horrific week last week, a lot of hope, colored fully, well, etc.!  this is so annoying.  don’t go away.  I’ll be back.