My griping!  I can’t delete that last post like I said I was going to, because it would make this apology (almost mostly to myself and God) incomprehensible, and I want it to be comprehended: that I should be complaining is, well, incomprehensible.  I’ve just come from the (or org.?) ovarian cancer support site, and am completely humbled.  As anyone would probably guess, the main things being discussed are not how lame it is to have to lay around after surgery or how annoying the pain is (really stings, you know?).  Of course, the main topic of conversation is chemotherapy. 

I read a lot of threads in the discussion boards…and then looked around at people’s profiles and blogs and things…   Well, I just feel like I need to say here that I have so little to whine about.  For whatever reason, I don’t need more surgery, a partial hysterectomy, a full hysterectomy, chemo.  So many of these women are dying, and are talking to each other about it, and praying for each other.  It’s beautiful, and I don’t know why I was spared that sort of beauty, but I was, and I’m grateful.  So.