Now that I’m bedridden, I have time to do things like post blogs.  Pretty great.  Today hasn’t been so great, though.  I’m trying to take 5 hours in between Percocet pills instead of 4, and then Katie and Lauren made me laugh really hard yesterday…and then of course I choked, too, later in the day, so my “construction site” is really pretty abused.  Just when it thought life was looking up again.  (Laughing and coughing [and crying] are quite painful.)  So I’ve done a bit of lying around today, trying not to think about pain, and trying to sleep.  Some success.  Right now I think I’ll write some about presents people have given me.  These will just be off the top of my head, so if yours is not here, know that it has sunk deeper.  (As in, it is now in the center of my head.) 

Katie and Lauren, English Lit. college mates, brought so many things when they came, but some of their presents are more spectacular than others.  They brought things like Victoria’s Secret underwear….isn’t that the best EVER????  They’re pretty awesome.  Lauren’s man Matty made me an Avett Bros. mix cd, which I have yet to listen to (?), and chocolate and muffins from Fido and lavender chapstick and a shirt and scarf and, oh, just a hundred other things.  including (and these are Lauren’s Mimi’s ideas) incredible superfood multivitamins and mushroom capsules…they apparently can fight cancer, mushrooms can.

I got so many flowers I was beginning to think about funerals, but now that that’s a banished thought: Matt – lilies and baby’s breath (the lilies are forever sending scent across the room to where I am on the couch…they’re the only ones that do that…so lovely…); Samantha – purple roses and peonies; Aunt Marta and Uncle Kenny – um, gargantuan arrangement of roses, delphinium, lilies, dozens of others; Ryan – small purple ones that I can’t remember the name of; Mike and Cathy – red roses, one doz.; Emily Nicaud – baby poinsettias; more poinsettias from Uncle Ross and Aunt Barbara, Mark and Susie, and … … one other precious, precious person whose name is in deep rather than surface gray matter; and an amaryllis from Joseph. 

Joseph also gave me a cd of a few of his songs, the last two of which soothed me incomprehensibly the first few days after returning from the hospital.  They somehow relaxed every muscle in my body and I slept…

Dr. Reed (and also the other Dr. Reed) sent The Pursuit of Love & Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford, To the Lighthouse and Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (yes!!), and Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.  Dear Irena Sadovina sent Peace Pilgrim (by the Peace Pilgrim) and a huge book of Russian poetry, Kayla sent A Passage to India, and there are more.  Riches, eh?  Kayla made a book and had faculty and students (and alumni) write notes in it to me … there aren’t words. 

I’ve gotten so much chocolate — did I mention?  Too bad I don’t have any kind of sweet tooth, yet.  I do guard it jealously, even so. 

It’s kind of nice for life to just be about one (or two, or three or four) thing(s), when it’s been about twelve hundred for so long.  And now I have to sleep some more.